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the finest

At Emigrant Wear we design, produce and export premium basics in sunny California. We believe in taking our time with every product we craft. We only design and produce branded premium apparel that will stand the test of time.

Emigrant Clothing is guided by three key principles:
Quality is key.
Respect the details.
Export the finest.


If the path is easy,
It's not worth it.

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Never settle
for ordinary

Made by emigrants for those who never settle and create new value wherever they go. With every Emigrant comes a story of courage, passion and perseverance that breaks all barriers and could be made into great movie. With unmasked authenticity and unbreakable spirit we prove everyday that leaving the place of birth is just a beginning of journey to a great success- earned, not given.

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We got
the goods

Emigrant's obsession with apparel started in 1999 emerging from Polish underground graffiti scene. Started out with limited edition t-shirts, proudly worn by friends and fellow-emigrants. What at first seemed like a side project quickly became one of the most desired streetwear brands for emigrants all over the globe.